Symposium 8

Leon Zăgrean – “Gheorghe Marinescu” Lecture Ana-Maria Zăgrean – Brain response to perinatal asphyxia in experimental paradigms Sebastian Isac – The impact of general anesthesia on the developing brain previously exposed to perinatal asphyxia Mara-Ioana Iesanu – The impact of Continue Reading

Symposium 7

Tudor-Adrian Balseanu – “Valeriu Neștianu” Lecture. Obesity as a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease: biomarkers and back-translation into animal models for development of novel therapies Bogdan Catălin – The Impact of Acute Sepsis on Amyloid Formation in a Mouse Model Continue Reading

Symposium 6

Maria Luisa Flonta – “Dimitrie Călugăreanu” Lecture Beatrice Radu – Assessing the safety profile of a drug – an itinerary from heart to brain Bogdan Amuzescu – Infrared laser effects on excitability of primary sensory neurons and gating of Nav1.5 Continue Reading

Symposium 5

Simona Clichici – “Mircea Doroftei” Lecture Mihai Lupu – Effect of iron redistribution in an experimental model of cardiac hypertrophy Iuliana Nenu – Trusting your gut – a new paradigm in hepatocellular carcinoma therapy Irina Chis – Quercetin restores endothelial Continue Reading

Symposium 4

Ionela Lăcrămioara Șerban – “Ion Haulică” Lecture Dragomir Șerban – Endothelial function vs. oxidative stress: molecular mechanisms Radu Iliescu – Neural control of blood pressure: therapeutic target for hypertension Minela Mărănducă – News in the renin-angiotensin system Andrei Neamţu – Continue Reading