Symposium 3

Bogdan Pavel – “Nicolae C. Paulescu” Lecture – Do we need near infrared spectroscopy and end-CO2 monitoring during hyperventilation test? Constantin Căruntu – Neuro-endocrine factors in the skin – from physiology to pathological conditions Carmen Panaitescu – Allergies in a Continue Reading

Symposium 2

Mihai Moldovan – “Mircea Steriade” Lecture. The infraslow brain activity matters Andrei Barborică – Validation of EEG source localization algorithms through simultaneous scalp-intracranial EEG recordings in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy Miralena Tomescu – Oxytocin modulates salience associated resting EEG microstates Continue Reading

Symposium 1

Marius Sabău – “Gheorghe Arsenescu” Lecture Ruxandra Drăgoi-Galrinho – Experimental echocardiography Alkora-Ioana Balan – Impact of chronic ivabradine administration on autonomic nervoussystem Vasile Bogdan Halațiu – Impact of Bisphenol A on the cardiovascular system Florentina Pluteanu – Altered subcellular Ca2+ Continue Reading


The “Dizzy workshop” aims to introduce you to the main clinical tests and investigations used to evaluate dizzy patients. Visual, vestibular and proprioceptive inputs are processed by the central nervous system generating automatic and voluntary actions resulting in our ability to maintain balance and keep the image focused on the retina during movement. Continue Reading