Symposium 2

Mihai Moldovan – “Mircea Steriade” Lecture. The infraslow brain activity matters

Andrei Barborică – Validation of EEG source localization algorithms through simultaneous scalp-intracranial EEG recordings in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy

Miralena Tomescu – Oxytocin modulates salience associated resting EEG microstates

Tudor Badea – Selective molecular markers for Retinal Ganglion Cell anatomy, physiology and function

Mihai Stancu – Acoustic stimulation tunes axonal conduction speed by regulating radial growth of myelin on an individual axon-to-axon basis

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Thursday, September 29
Chairs: Mihai Moldovan, Tibor Szilágyi
“Mircea Steriade” Lecture