Symposium 3

Bogdan Pavel – “Nicolae C. Paulescu” Lecture – Do we need near infrared spectroscopy and end-CO2 monitoring during hyperventilation test?

Constantin Căruntu – Neuro-endocrine factors in the skin – from physiology to pathological conditions

Carmen Panaitescu – Allergies in a changing world

Carmen Tatu – Prediction of allergic response based on molecular components

Gabriela Tănasie – Aeroallergens impair the barrier function of the bronchial epithelial cells – an in vitro study

Michael Bogdan Mărgineanu – Consensus strategy for B cell epitope prediction in allergen IgE epitope mapping studies

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Friday, September 30
Chairs: Carmen Panaitescu, Ana-Maria Zagrean
“Nicolae C. Paulescu” Lecture