Symposium 6

Maria Luisa Flonta – “Dimitrie Călugăreanu” Lecture

Beatrice Radu – Assessing the safety profile of a drug – an itinerary from heart to brain

Bogdan Amuzescu – Infrared laser effects on excitability of primary sensory neurons and gating of Nav1.5 ion channels

Debora-Elena Huțanu – The antimalarial artemisinin is a non-electrophilic agonist of the Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin type 1 receptor-channel

Roxana-Olimpia Gheorghe – Switch of macrophages to M2 phenotype after cytoskeleton alteration reduces SNL induced neuropathic pain

Tudor Șelescu – TRPM8-dependent ‘wet dog shake’ behaviour in mammals and birds

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Friday, September 30
Chairs: Alexandru Babeș, Violeta Ristoiu
“Dimitrie Călugăreanu” Lecture