Symposium 7

Tudor-Adrian Balseanu – “Valeriu Neștianu” Lecture. Obesity as a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease: biomarkers and back-translation into animal models for development of novel therapies

Bogdan Catălin – The Impact of Acute Sepsis on Amyloid Formation in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Roxana Surugiu – Brain exosomal vesicles as serum biomarkers of stroke

Aurel Popa-Wagner – Long-term treatment with chloroquine increases lifespan in middle-aged male mice possibly via autophagy modulation, proteasome inhibition and glycogen metabolism

Dirk Hermann – Injury development and therapeutic responses to small extracellular vesicles in the aged ischemic brain

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Saturday, October 1
Chairs: Aurel Popa, Tudor-Adrian Bălșeanu
“Valeriu Neștianu” Lecture